Harper & Rowan Are Just the Beginning

Fishing in Mud Puddles | West Coast Chronicles: Book 1

Harper Finley was underpaid, underappreciated, and underwhelmed with her life.

Rowan Porter was understaffed, under a deadline, and under the WRONG woman.

She was tired of biting her tongue. He was tired of getting lip service.

Harper Finley’s marketing career was as stalled as her love life. After a decade of “good enough,” Harper traded in her dead-end job, emotional robot boyfriend, and childhood home in Montana for a chance at the big leagues in L.A.

Rowan has finally penned the crown jewel of marketing deals. But, years of hard work are threatened by his incompetent staff, his high-maintenance client, and his inability to keep his pants on. All of this stress is driving him to stress eat. It’s also stirring him to shake things up

One deli sandwich, elevator malfunction, a broken shoe, and verbal shellacking later…Harper has a new job and Rowan a new match.

She likes being gainfully employed. He likes their verbal sparring and mutual food addiction. It’s a delicious combination.

Now if they can just get through this next campaign.

***COMING SPRING 2017***