About Ellen

Emerging romance author Ellen G. Kelley grew up on a small family farm in rural Montana. A graduate of the University of Montana with a bachelor’s degree in Art and a master’s degree in Integrated Arts Education, she never fancied herself as a writer. Creative, yes. But a writer? Not so much. For years she put her imagination to use in the field of graphic design and marketing, leaving the writing/word-smithing bits to someone else.

Everything changed while out for drinks with her favorite gal pals one night. As everyone fervently discussed the latest romance book they were reading, Ellen wondered what she was missing out on. Maybe it was her curiosity or the vodka-induced bravery that led her to devour the romance novel in question. Her first romance novel. Then she read another, and another. She was committed. It was impossible not to marvel at the incredible variety of the genre. Paranormal, historical, contemporary—the possibilities endless. Ellen felt invited to daydream about vampires, dukes, CEO’s, and firefighters. The female characters in romance novels impressed her because they were allowed to be brave and soft, brilliant and wounded. And many of these books were funny. REALLY funny!

These books and her friends are what inspired Ellen to write. While knocking back vodka cranberries with her hilarious friends, she found her muse in their romantic successes and trials. With that, Ellen G. Kelley began to write. She is a witty storyteller/aspiring romance author, occasional train wreck, and always a hopeful romantic.

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