Mistletoe Over Missoula

There are three things Becca Morris cannot tolerate: cheap bourbon, Celine Dion, and Christmas music. Especially Christmas music by Celine Dion.

A former fan of all things festive, Becca became the embodiment of bah humbug after a cheating boyfriend killed her Christmas spirit by decking someone else’s halls. All Becca wants for Christmas is a Silent Night at home. Alone. Just her and her favorite romance author H.R. Scott. Why should she settle for eggnog and some average guy’s Yule log? Why risk being let down again, when she could she could lose herself in the best romance books out there? After all, she knows quality. She designs romance book covers for a living.

But this year, the Christmas powers that be have conspired to drag to her company’s annual holiday party kicking and screaming. A party that the head of Red Reads (the publishing company she works for) Harris Redmond has (for some mysterious will travel across the country to attend.

Take one woman committed to avoiding both relationships and Christmas, toss in a handful of intoxicated romance authors with no filter, pour in a healthy amount of bourbon, and add one handsome publishing CEO with a secret, and what do you get? A recipe for the most bizarre Christmas ever!

It’s a good thing a winter storm has hit town because this holiday season is about to seriously heat up!

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Coming Soon – West Coast Chronicles and More!

West Coast Chronicles Series

Made In Montana Series

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