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West Coast Chronicles

Fishing In Mud Puddles | Book 1

Harper Finley was underpaid, underappreciated, and underwhelmed with her life.
Rowan Porter was understaffed, under a deadline, and under the WRONG woman.
She was tired of biting her tongue. He was tired of getting lip service.

Harper Finley’s marketing career was as stalled as her love life. After a decade of “good enough,” Harper traded in her dead-end job, emotional robot boyfriend, and childhood home in Montana for a chance at the big leagues in L.A.

Now she’s unemployed, single, down to her last pair of good shoes, and her new budget is spurring a food lust bordering on indecent. Katy Perry be damned! This Montana (scratch that) California girl, needs a J.O.B. so she can buy some F.O.O.D. One emptied savings account later, and Harper is willing to do just about anything.

The notorious Rowan Porter rules RowPort House with an iron fist. He’s brilliant. And the absolute best at what he does. And of course, he’s GQ gorgeous and virtually oozes sin. And by all accounts… he’s also a complete p****. Sure, he’s demanding. Wouldn’t you be if you built the best PR and Marketing firm in LA?

Rowan has finally penned the crown jewel of marketing deals. But, years of hard work are threatened by his incompetent staff, his high-maintenance client, and his inability to keeps his pants on. All of this stress is driving him to stress eat. It’s also stirring him to shake things up

One deli sandwich, elevator malfunction, a broken shoe, and one verbal shellacking later…Harper has a new job and Rowan a new match. She likes being gainfully employed. He likes their verbal sparring and mutual food addiction. It’s a delicious combination.

***Fishing in Mud Puddles is a hot, hilarious romp with an HEA***

Better With Age | Book 2

Better With Age by Ellen G. Kelley Delaney Hennessey is a top-notch lawyer who loves top shelf whiskey. Augusto “August” Campanelli is a four-star chef who grew up on fine wine. he’s never given love a chance. He’s used to getting burned.

Delaney Hennessey likes control, the thrill of new shoes, and the sting of a good single malt. She doesn’t do romance. Men make women messy and she wants no part of it. As Chief Legal Counsel at RowPort House, Delaney seems to have it all. A great job, a killer apartment, and a closet big enough to keep her swimming in designer shoes. Now, on the other side of thirty, she’s committed to the idea that maybe happily ever after is a pair of Louboutin’s and an endless supply of Glenlivet?

The son of a renowned winemaker, August Campanelli knows what real love looks like. He saw the real deal, first hand with his parents. He also knows that not everyone gets that lucky. Following a string of personal disasters, August has put love on the back burner. Opting instead, to throw himself completely into his work and becoming the head chef to the newest LA hot spot in the process.

But, when the family vineyard is trouble, August is forced to put his Michelin Star dreams on hold to help his father save the family business and he’s hired RowPort House to resurrect the ailing Campanelli brand. Saving the winery means not only deviating from business as usual but untangling a legal mess. And Delaney is not at all happy about her boss loaning her out as a personal favor.

She’s determined to keep her emotions on ice. He’s committed to heating things up. It’s a pairing that just needs the right conditions to become an excellent vintage.

***Better With Age gets better with each page. This side-splitting romantic comedy will have you laughing out loud and rooting for a happy ending.***

About That Night | Book 3

About That Night by Ellen G. KelleyJessica Jones is the right hand of Rowan Porter, the CEO of one of L.A.’s most powerful PR firms. Donovan Beckett is a hotheaded Hollywood bad boy with an image problem and now her firm’s newest pet project. She’s more comfortable in the shadows. He can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight. It’s a match made in Hollywood.

More story details coming soon!

***About That Night is a sizzling romantic comedy. This page-turner will keep you smiling and features a HEA.***


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